Marc Márquez’s blog: My home on the circuits

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Find out what a motorhome is like and how important it is to have somewhere private on the circuits during a Grand Prix from Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez’s blog: My home on the circuits

Hello, Box Repsol friends! In my last blog I told you that for me Cervera is a synonym for peace and quiet and being with my family. When we are at a Grand Prix, I like to have everything that gives me the greatest comfort and peace of mind so that I can focus on the competition that weekend. That is why, several years ago, I decided to have a motorhome in the paddock in which I can spend the four days at the European circuits, without having to travel anywhere.

Living in a motorhome is like living in a flat. It is practically my second home, and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have it made to suit my taste and to design it myself -within limits- so I could feel at home in it. It is very well equipped and has everything necessary, with various rooms like a house: from a dining room to a kitchen where, even if the food can only be heated up, there is a sink and a dishwasher. It also has three bathrooms and three bedrooms, where four people sleep currently: my brother Alex in one, José, who helps me at the circuits, and my father in another, and me in the third one. Everyone has organised his own bit, his corner of the motorhome, and has privacy in it.

I don’t only use it to sleep and relax, I also have physiotherapy, almost always have breakfast there and I spend the little free time that I have in it. Most of the day I’m going between the box and the office in the truck, but there are times when I do seek some peace and quiet and a change of surroundings, and then I go to the motorhome. It has also been a meeting place for some secret meetings and even held small parties, but that’s all I can tell you here!

To take the motorhome from one circuit to another, my father is in charge of the handling and maintenance. It was his idea, because he was always curious about driving a truck and, even though I warned him that it would be tiring and hard work, he likes it, since he is busy that way and has his own obligations. And I am delighted, it’s better for him to take care of it than anyone else! Since then, every day I get into some kind of row with him. But it’s not that he is disorganised, it’s because he is a real perfectionist!

One of the greatest benefits of having a motorhome, which I really miss when we are not in Europe, is that it saves us a lot of time. I like to wake up, have breakfast and go straight to the box without having to take the car to get to the circuit on those four days. Both you and I have endured the traffic to get to a normal Grand Prix and, in a situation without a pandemic – let’s hope it is soon over – I had to get up much earlier to avoid traffic jams and get there on time on Sunday for the Warm Up.

I hope I have answered some of your questions about my life at the circuits. See you on the next Box Repsol blogs!

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