Marc Márquez: a “promising footballer”

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We already know that Marc is a great athlete. We’ve seen him cycling, skiing, running, dirt track racing, and even doing gymnastics… but there’s another, as yet unknown side to him: Marc the footballer.

Marc Márquez jugando a futbol con niños
Marc Márquez: a “promising footballer”

My ideal position is outside forward because, as you know, I’m very fast


Marc Márquez

Hello friends!

I’m sure it’s no big surprise when I tell you that I love football. I play a match whenever I get the chance, but not as often as I’d like. My riding schedule is quite tight and we’re always busy travelling from one place to another. Another reason is that, when I do have some free time, I prefer to do offroad racing (dirt track, motorcross, etc.), but a match every now and again is always welcome.

I have my preferences when I’m playing, but I’m down for anything. I like playing on grass pitches. I don’t care whether they’re open-air or covered, as long as they’re grass. I haven’t played much on the beach, but I’m sure lots of you know some great spots for a match on the sand. My ideal position is outside forward because, as you know, I’m very fast and it’s where I enjoy the game the most. What position do I like the least? Centre-back really isn’t for me, I don’t like it at all. And I prefer to score goals!


Another position that most people don’t like, not just me, is goalkeeper. Sometimes we have a race to the goal to decide who has to be the goalie, but normally we just switch round after every goal. I must say that it’s not a winning tactic because the goalkeeper doesn’t put their heart into it and the goals get past them easily, hehe.

I sometimes play with the team if we’re at a GP outside of Spain. In these cases, we have to travel out a few days before the event so we have some spare time. If there’s a football pitch at the hotel we put our shorts on and get straight down there. I play with my friends from Cervera as well, but not very often as a rider’s schedule is very tight, even during the holidays. Whoever I’m playing with, I always try to keep calm and have fun. It goes without saying that I’m competitive and want to win, but when I play football the most important thing is to enjoy it and have a good time.

Am I a good football player? What can I say, I try to do my best, put a few goals away, and, if I’m having a really good day, do a few La croquets. If we’re talking about playing football on the console, however, I really need to practise — Alex always wins. We get really competitive but we have a good time. It’s just a bit of healthy competition, hahaha!

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