Marc Marquez and his official comic book about his life

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Rider stars in a graphic novel for all ages, created by Belén Ortega and isidro Sánchez for publisher Norma.

Marc Marquez and his official comic book about his life

The Story tells the story of Marc, from the day he was given a first petrol bike for Christmas


‘Marc Marquez: The Story of a Dream’ tells the story of Marquez, from the day he was given a first petrol-powered bike for Christmas aged four, to his winning of his first MotoGP title. The book, published by Norma Editorial, focuses on some lesser-known stories about the rider, such as those from his childhood and early years of competition before reaching the World Championship. It includes many anecdotes –a great number of which have been previously unpublished- and the most influential chapters of his life on and off the track.

Marc Márquez with his comic

In the comic, designed for all ages, the human values of the rider instilled by his family and surroundings since he was a child are explained. These are in harmony with those of Repsol, not only in the world of competition, but also in the development of his activity. Repsol and Marc Marquez have shared a close relationship for over ten years -beginning even before his debut in the World Championship in 2008- in which effort, sacrifice, humility, innovation, the spirit of excellence and teamwork have been mainstays

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