Jorge Lorenzo’s first Box Repsol blog post: “Thank you for the welcome”

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Jorge has been in the World Cup’s top class since 2007 and he is no stranger to the paddock, but his arrival to the Repsol Honda Team is an opportunity for all of the Box Repsol fans to get to know him better. In his first post, the Balearic rider tells us about the things he is most passionate about.

Jorge Lorenzo con chupa negra y gafas de sol
Jorge Lorenzo’s first Box Repsol blog post: “Thank you for the welcome”

Hello to all!

This is my first post on the blog, and what I’d like to do first is to thank you all for the warm welcome. Since many of you still don’t know me very well, I would like to tell you about my likes and hobbies in this first post.

One of the things I enjoy most in life is training. Naturally, there are some exercises I like more than others, and there are days in which it is more difficult to give my all at the gym or on the bike. However, I really enjoy concentrating on an objective and tracking my progress. To me, there is no difference between competing and training – I do it all with the same dedication. Outside of the circuits, I only ride motorcycles during training, which mostly involves flat track. I also ride smaller bikes to work on control, which is all a part of the method I have been perfecting over the years.

Jorge Lorenzo vestido para ir en bici
Jorge Lorenzo vestido para ir en bici

Training is not the only thing I do, I also really like listening to music and watching films. My favourite genre of music is rock, although my taste is very diverse. I especially like the Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Blink 182, and Bad Bunny, although a band I would have loved seeing live when they were all together is Queen. Lately, I haven’t had the opportunity to see live music, since we were travelling so much. The beginnings of the season are always very busy!

When it comes to cinema, Rocky is one of the films that motivates me most, as well as Karate Kid. I believe that the message of never giving up and to keep trying to reach your goals is very inspiring, it’s a film genre that I especially enjoy. My favourite film of all time is The Notebook.

When it comes to video games, my preferences vary depending on the moment. When I’m with friends, something like Fifa is always fun. When I was younger, I was passionate about action games like Halo and Call of Duty. With books, on the other hand, I tend to read the autobiographies of influential people. Their stories are very inspiring, it is difficult to choose a favourite since all of them are different and personal, although some time ago, I read Mohammed Ali’s and it made a lasting impression.

Jorge Lorenzo con una tablet
Jorge Lorenzo con una tablet

As you know, I am an active person so it won’t surprise you if I tell you that I love doing things with my friends like going for a bike ride or dining at a nice restaurant. When I was younger, I was very interested in art, and I am still interested, although I don’t have time to draw anything that isn’t a circuit while discussing strategies with the team. In spite of that, I still consider myself to be a creative person, although I am more drawn to fashion than pencils these days. It is important to be passionate about a lot of things in life.

I also try to be active on social media, for me it is important to see what fans are saying and to interact with you all. Your support is incredible as well as your creativity. I like seeing the pieces you create and the memes you share.

Hugs for all – we’ll see each other on the circuits and on the blog!

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