Jorge Lorenzo becomes surprise guide for Repsol Racing Tour

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The Repsol Honda rider surprised students of Monlau Repsol Technical School on a visit to the traveling exhibition, which shows the company’s 50 years of competition.

Jorge Lorenzo apoyado en la barandilla del Repsol Racing Tour en un día soleado.
Jorge Lorenzo becomes surprise guide for Repsol Racing Tour

The 2019 Repsol Racing Tour began in March. On one of its final stops, Jorge Lorenzo made a surprise appearance, stunning students of the Monlau Repsol Technical School, who did not know that they would meet the MotoGP rider on their visit to the traveling exhibition of the energy company.

The exhibition celebrates Repsol’s 50th anniversary in motorsport competition and features some artefacts from these five decades of history, ranging from the motorcycle with which Ángel Nieto competed in 1971 to a set of leathers used by Jorge Lorenzo. The latter appeared on the tour, to the surprise of the Monlau Repsol Technical School students, and was able to explain some of the intricacies of MotoGP to them first-hand.

The Repsol Racing Tour has accumulated almost 900,000 visits in its fifth season. The exhibition can be visited in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, until October 25th.


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