Austin, beyond the Circuit Of The Americas

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COTA (Circuit of the Americas) is the hub of motorcycle racing in the United States after the departures from the MotoGP calendar of Indianapolis and Laguna Seca.

Marc Márquez ondea bandera con 93 y colores de la bandera estadounidense
Austin, beyond the Circuit Of The Americas

Only 210km from COTA, Repsol has its US headquarters in Houston.

1. The Circuit Of The Americas reflects the devotion of Americans to major sporting events; Details such as its capacity for 100,000 spectators, its impressive 40 metre level change on the home straight, and the longest straight in the World Championship at 1.2km.

2. It is one of the five circuits that host both MotoGP and Formula1, along with Barcelona-Catalunya, Red Bull Ring, Silverstone and Sepang.

3. There is a 77m high observation tower, designed by an architects studio founded by the Catalan Juan Miró and the Puerto Rican Miguel Rivera. It features the only point from which you can see the entire circuit.

4. 1,200 tons of structural steel were used for the main stand, which seats around 9,000 spectators.

5. The cumulative economic impact of the circuit on the Austin metropolitan area is about $2.8 billion.

6. 9,100 people work at COTA activities and events during the year.

7. Austin is the largest city in the United States without a team or franchise in any professional sports league, and even has one of the largest stadiums in the country: The University of Texas.

Marc Márquez rodando en el circuito las Américas
Marc Márquez rodando en el circuito las Américas

8. Kevin Schwantz, 500cc World Champion in 1993, has been the ambassador of the circuit since 2014.

9. Sandra Bullock, an Oscar winner, has a restaurant in Austin called the Bess Bistro.

10. The Austin Capitol is 33,000m2, and is the largest in the United States. It is also the sixth highest in the country, above the Washington Capitol.

Austin has the largest urban bat colony in the United States.

12. It has an average of 300 days of sunshine a year.

The city receives around 19 million visitors a year.

14. Only 210km from COTA, Repsol has its US headquarters in Houston, where more than 500 people work.


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