Ansu Fati and Marc Márquez meet again

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The two talents of Spanish sport share a meal together trackside

Ansu Fati and Marc Márquez meet again

After time together with a motorcycle as a backdrop, Marc Márquez and Ansu Fati sat down for a meal in their latest meet-up. At the end of the straight that begins the combination of corners known as “el Estadi” at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the Repsol Honda Team rider organised a reunion with the young FC Barcelona player.

Ansu and Marc talked about how important teamwork is in both sports, highlighting the healthy competition that their teams experience, both with other players and with the teammate who sits on the other side of the box. Ansu spoke of the pressure that comes with playing with the Barça number 10, but also of the pride it brings him. They chatted about how important family is to both success and helping them to handle fame.

The two friends are united by the same challenge: That of being the best in their respective sports

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