Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!

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Hello to all the Repsol Team fans, I hope you are safe at home and your families are well. We are spending more time at home and this means I get to write to all of you.

Álex Márquez over a HRC carpet
Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!

This is my first contribution to the blog and I would like to start by introducing myself and telling you a little more about my personal side.

As you all know, I was born in Cervera, a small, quiet town where I spent my most of my childhood outside, playing ball in front of the house, running, cycling etc., and it was safe, since the traffic was nothing like that of large cities. And I still appreciate that tranquillity in Cervera even now, it is easier to disconnect from the daily stresses of travelling, planes, transfers, and the Grands Prix.

Álex Márquez en una cena con sus fans
Álex Márquez en una cena con sus fans

When my duties as a rider allow it, it is where I seek refuge; as I was saying, to chill out, on the sofa watching football or hanging out with friends, playing paddle or playing PlayStation. And of course, spending time with Stich and Shira, my dogs, taking them for walks and playing with them. They keep me company.

I usually get around on foot, and when it comes to training I take the MTB or the road bike to train outdoors. Of course, I also train in the gym because as professional athletes we have to alternate to maintain and improve our physical condition and be competitive.

As for my hobbies, in addition to playing PlayStation, I like music, although I don’t just listen to one type of music. I like to mix it up, change genres and groups. I don’t go to the cinema much, I enjoy more watching series at home, like the last one I saw, the 4th season of “Money Heist” which, by the way, I really liked.

When the competition allows me, whether throughout the season or on holiday, I like to make plans with the people I care about, with the team or with friends, having a good time, barbecuing, celebrating a friend’s birthday or enjoying some go-karting. In fact, on holiday, I don’t like sightseeing from 9 o’clock in the morning until 9 o’clock at night, what I want is to disconnect as much as possible from the races. But wherever I go there must be good weather, a beach, and a pool.

Well, that’s my first contribution to the blog. I hope you liked it and you know that you can send us your questions so we can answer them in future posts.

We will see each other again on the race tracks!

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