️ Álex Márquez blog: The number 73 chooses his favourite videogames

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Hello to all the Repsol Team followers! It’s been a pretty stressful time, but between the races in Aragón and Valencia, I’ve had enough free time to write and tell you a bit more about myself. In this case, I will tell you about my interest in gaming devices and the games I spend the most time playing.

Álex Márquez con un mando de la Playstation
️ Álex Márquez blog: The number 73 chooses his favourite videogames

The truth is that ever since I was little, I’ve enjoyed playing on different videogame platforms. I especially remember that when I was younger, I’d spend a lot of time playing a Rally game, Colin McRae (what a game XD!) and I’ve always had more fun playing sport games: FIFA, the MotoGP game, or the Formula 1 game.

It’s hard to say for sure, but the game that I have played most is probably FIFA because you can compete with other people online and that gives you extra adrenaline. However, I have to say that lately I’ve been playing Call of Duty a lot and, especially MotoGP, due to the competition organised by DORNA during the lockdown among some of the riders of the grid. I can say that I’m the champion of MotoGP I can say that I’m the champion of

Well, seriously, I like e-sports but I can’t see myself competing with professional players. They train as much as we do, they play more than eight hours per day, and you have to have a lot of dedication and skills that I don’t have at the moment to measure up. Additionally, we riders don’t have much extra time. We have to train a lot, especially this year as the schedule is incredibly demanding. We have a lot of consecutive GPs and we have to train as much on the track as off of it. I also really like to go on walks, walk the dogs, etc.

Álex Márquez son sus perros y un mando de consola
Álex Márquez son sus perros y un mando de consola

During lockdown, we did have enough time to be able to enjoy playing games but now that we are busier, I tend to take advantage of the wait times at the airport to play games on my mobile. However, the gaming console I like most is PlayStation. That is where I tend to compete with Marc and I have to say that I usually win most games. When we were locked up at home, we had a lot of time to play together and it was fun. It helped us get through the situation, which I hope isn’t too difficult for all of you.

Well, that is all for today’s blog post. I’m sending you warm hugs and a lot of courage to face the difficult situation we are living through. I hope that all of this changes very soon and that we can see each other on the circuit. Hugs for you all!

Álex Márquez.

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