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Which motorcycle to choose according to your height?

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We’re sure you’ve thought about it, so today we’re going to answer your questions: How does our height affect our decision to buy a motorcycle?

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Which motorcycle to choose according to your height?

This purchase choice question could be presented by another, perhaps more important question for a biker: should you give up the motorcycle you really want because it is too tall, and is there a way to compensate for its basic design if you feel that your height would not allow you to ride it with confidence?

The driving position is one of the basic points to be taken into account by the designers of new models. It is not easy to combine the design of the so-called “ergonomic triangle” formed by the handlebar grips, the footrests and the seat support for all types of riders.


It is obvious that it is not easy to get the same model to fit an NBA size person as it is to fit a lightweight and shorter person.

The truth is that once in motion, riding any motorcycle is quite easy. The problems appear, first of all, when your feet don’t reach the ground when you stop!

So, in this sense, the most affordable motorcycles for everyone are the custom motorcycles. These “long and low bikes” usually have seats heights of less than 700mm.

Scooters, by virtue of their urban design, do not usually have any height problems either. However, some “maxi” scooters are equipped with wide and comfortable seats of more than 750 mm. Thus, the overall width at which the legs have to arch to put both feet on the ground is no less.

Medium-displacement and lightweight touring motorcycles, nakeds and sport touring motorcycles tend to be at similar heights.

The more sporty ones, although “very high up on the butt”, offer advantages because the seats are usually narrow.

In this way, they mitigate the problem mentioned in the Scooters, which can also be repeated in the case of large and heavy GTs.

And what about the adventure ones? They are the motorcycles of the moment.

Motero mirando una Honda CB300R

Motero en una Honda Scoopy

motero sentado de forma correcta en su minimoto

grupo de moteros listos para saciar su hambre motera

moteros llegando al párking de motos de motorland aragón

For some, the best motorcycles for travelling across the world’s roads are these country-bred models.

Their road holding is facilitated by an enormous load capacity, and a living space very well suited to comfortably and ergonomically accommodate the rider and the passenger. They add formidable aerodynamic protection and, of course, overall “ergonomics” that are more comfortable than on any other type of motorcycle.

But because of their off-road characteristics, the long-travel suspensions cause a very high general height.

Their seats are over 850 mm long and, if you’re a “Mediterranean” size person, you’ll struggle to reach the ground. It will even be difficult to deploy the side stand when you slow down.


But there may be a solution so that you don’t have to give up your favourite model.

In some cases, in order to lower the height of the motorcycle, a few centimetres can be gained by targeting the suspension and the rods. Always seek the advice of a true specialist for this.

Fortunately, the brands themselves are now offering standard rider seats whose height can be adjusted simply by altering their support points on the chassis. For example, you can choose to set the seat of a GT at 820-830-840 mm in a few seconds.

In a similar way, the original choices catalogue allows to receive the keys to the motorcycle for some models after having chosen a higher or lower seat, often at no extra charge.

To conclude, it will not be difficult to find lowered seats, specifically adaptable to models of almost all brands, in the auxiliary industry by navigating the internet.

Header picture: Taymtaym |Flickr

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