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Take a look at the biggest motorbikes in the world

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There are huge two-wheeled machines that deserve all our attention. These are some of them.

Motos grandes
Take a look at the biggest motorbikes in the world

The biggest of them all, according to the The Guinness Book of Records, was built in 2013 by the Italian Fabio Reggiani. It measures nine metres long and is 5.10-metres high, and weighs more than three tons. Not very comfortable going round corners, we aren’t kidding, although you can ensure you’ll be the soul of the party. The machine, which seems unreal, but can be ridden, was presented at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona and was one of the sensations in the room. It is ten times bigger than a normal motorbike and is equipped with a 5000cc Chevrolet V8 engine. The wheels of this huge bike alone measure two metres in diameter. The handlebars are unreachable, that’s why the control pad includes some controls that allow it to be manoeuvred.

Reggiani took the record from the American Gregory Dunham. In 2005, this Californian surprised the world with the Dream Big Bike, a very appropriate name for such a device, reminiscent of the American custom ones. With a height of 342 cm and 620-cm long, it crushed all the previous makes by a landslide. There weren’t even many people willing to invest almost three years of their lives into a project of this magnitude. Not to mention the investment: Greg put in nearly 215,000 euros. In this case, the engine is an 8000cc with 500 horsepower. The motorbike, which has been used at Monster Truck exhibitions, moves thanks to a hidden steering wheel on the control pad and reaches 90 km per hour. It has two speeds, one for forward and the other for reverse.

Before Durham, the Swede Tom Wiberg built a 2.3-m high motorbike called Big Toe. He built it in 1998 and it reaches 100 km per hour. In Germany, Tilo Niebel and a group of friends built the Panzerbike in 2003. With a lot of free time and some imagination, they gifted a new life to the 38,000cc and 620 horsepower Russian T-55 tank engine. But without the gun. The machine weighs more than four tons and it needs both the handlebars and the steering wheel that is controlled from a comfortable sidecar to move. Take a look at YouTube to see that it creates a stir wherever it goes.

Another of the biggest motorbikes ever made is the Monster Motorbike From Hell. And no wonder, as its design and three-metre diameter tyres allow it to flatten and crush anything that’s put in front of it. It is the work of the Australian Ray Baumann. It has a six-cylinder truck engine and the wheels are taken from a Caterpillar mega truck.

The last one is somewhat more discreet but much more ridable. It is the Gunbus 410. In this case the designer is a retired German engineer who with this project created the dream of a lifetime. Clemens F. Leonhardt wanted Boeing 767 tyres, but a company ended up making custom-made ones for him. It weighs 610 kg and measures 3.45 metres long. It is equipped with a cut of two cylinders from a nine-cylinder radial engine, like those used in aviation. A beautiful machine, but with a slight inconvenience, its price is around 200,000 euros.

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