Albacete could crown the first 2018 FIM CEV Repsol Champions

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The leaders of the three categories have a chance to secure their titles in the seventh and second-to-last round of the championship.

Línea de pilotos en el FIM CEV Repsol
Albacete could crown the first 2018 FIM CEV Repsol Champions

Raúl Fernández could become Champion of the Junior World Championship if he wins the race and Manuel Pagliani does not finish higher than tenth place. If the Italian does not score any points, Fernández could have enough with a second position.

In Moto2, Jesko Raffin could secure the title if after finishing the two Albacete races he has 26 points more than Edgar Pons, who is now 47 points behind.

The closest category is the European Talent Cup, where with two races to go, up to seven riders have options to get the title. Xavier Artigas is the current leader, with a 21-point advantage over the second placed.

The FIM CEV Repsol is the stepping stone for the young riders that dream of standing out to get a spot on the Motorcycling World Championship. That is the case of the Fernández brothers, Adrián and Raúl, who compete at the Moto3 Junior World Championship and the European Talent Cup, respectively.

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