Pedro Martínez de la Rosa

Pedro Martínez
de la Rosa

1998 - 2000 coche

Pedro Martínez de la Rosa

The Knight of F1

He is one of the three Spanish drivers who has made it to the Formula 1 podium.

The driver from Barcelona, who has competed in Repsol colours before, comes from a family of drivers dominated by a passion for speed, and is a fervent fan of MotoGP. His friendly and good nature have made him the gentleman of Spanish Formula 1.

Pedro Martínez de la Rosa
Pedro Martínez de la Rosa in the Repsol Box

On his idol Luiz Pérez Sala

I made my Formula 1 debut in 1999. In all this time we have never been close; there aren't great friendships between drivers. It’s a highly-competitive, solitary sport, even with your teammates, but whenever I’ve needed his advice, he’s been by my side. I’d follow him to the end of the Earth

Pedro Martínez de la Rosa 2012
Montmeló Race

Adrenaline since childhood

My first accident was also on a bike. I was on a Mini Marcelino and the gas got stuck. I remember slamming into the garage wall when I was just four years old!

Pedro Martínez de la Rosa 2018
Pedro Martínez de la Rosa on top of a Repsol car

Love what you do

How does a driver have fun? Well, simply fighting, fine tuning their car, feeling like part of a team, getting ready technically and physically, competing against himself and others, and, above all, involving the entire team in his fight. That is the sport and that is F1

Pedro Martínez de la Rosa 2010

Speed in his veins

His father was a go-kart driver, but he didn't let his son buy his first go-kart until he was 15. The driver’s first experiences in competition were at the wheel of a remote-controlled car, competing in both international and European all-terrain championships, becoming two-time champion of the European competition and runner-up in the World Championship.

Next he took the leap into Go-Kart championships in 1988 under the tutelage of the RFDEA programme, “Racing for Spain”. Thanks to this, he competed in the Formula Fiat Uno and Spanish Formula Ford 1600, winning both races, and in 1990 he competed in the British Formula Ford. Next, he went to Great Britain where he competed in the Formula Renault, which he won. In 1995, he went to Japan, where he competed in the Japanese Formula 3 and won. In 1996 he competed in the Formula Nippon and the “All-Japan GT”, winning over the Japanese audience and becoming Nippon Ichi (Number 1) in 1997 after winning both races.

In 1998, the Jordan team, which boasted drivers Damon Hill and Ralf Schumacher, recruited the Spanish driver as a test driver. This would mark a milestone in the rider’s life, accumulating 4,500 kilometres with the yellow motor-racing ream.

With this experience supporting him as well as Repsol sponsorship, in 1999 De la Rosa became a lead driver in one of the single-seaters of the Arrows Formula 1 team. In his debut at the Australian Grand Prix during said season, he received his first point in F1.

The year 2000 would be his last season with Repsol, where he received 2 points after a difficult season. After that he spent time on several teams both as a test driver and an official driver. In 2005, he had the fastest lap in the Bahrain GP, a record that is still on the books today. In 2006, he made it to the podium for the first and only time in F1.

He is currently a consultant for racing teams, a Formula 1 commentator, and served as the Chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association.

England 1999

Pedro Martínez de la Rosa at the championship in England 1999

Repsol in Formula 1

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Ralf Schumacher, Pedro Martínez de la Rosa, and Damon Hill

Ralf Schumacher, Pedro Martínez de la Rosa, and Damon Hill