Joan "Nani" Roma

Nani Roma

2002 - 2011 moto

Nani Roma

Warrior in the desert

He started his career in enduro competitions. His boldness and his physique have made him the ideal candidate for the Dakar Rally, which he won in the motorcycle category in 2004 after an epic battle in the desert.

In 2005 he would go on to compete in the car category, taking third place in 2006 with Team Repsol, along with other good performances in the Baja Aragon Rally and the Transiberico Rally.

Joan Nani Roma
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    1 2004 Dakar

    on a bike with Repsol

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    1st Spanish

    to win a Dakar

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    2 Wins

    Baja Aragon Rally with Repsol

Dakar 2007

Keeping your feet on the ground

When you make it onto the podium in a matter of seconds, like what happened to me in 2006, it is easy to see yourself as the potential winner the next year. However, you have to keep your feet on the ground: success never comes overnight

Nani Roma 2007
2006 Dakar


Without a doubt, my strength is the experience that my years of riding motorcycles have given me. Experience and knowledge of the terrain that other riders don’t have. On the other hand, my weakness is the lack of kilometres in the car and competing with people who have many years of experience behind the wheel

Nani Roma 2006
2009 Rally  Dakar

His passion

When you do a job that you love and you see yourself progressing, everything is much easier

Nani Roma 2006

Sand in his veins

He achieved his first successes in competition in the 1991 Spanish Junior Enduro Championship in the 125cc class, and he won his first title in 1994: the European Senior Championship. Roma established himself as one the most notable drivers in the field before moving onto the African trials in 1996. He participated in his first Dakar Rally and, despite him not having experience with such a strange race, he won two stages, which was quite a feat considering the drivers he was competing against

In 2000, his domination at Dakar slipped from his hands when his motorcycle’s motor broke two stages into the final, and he spent the entire night in the desert waiting for the service vehicle. His goal was to reach Dakar by any means, which he couldn’t do in his first years. Several falls and accidents prevented Nani Roma from achieving his goal. These misfortunes were broadcast almost live on television and were seen all over the world, which gave his career a certain epic dimension and gave him the reputation of a desert warrior. In 2002, he participated with Repsol, along with two renowned drivers, Marc Coma and Isidre Esteve. Dakar was his in 2004, and he was the first Spanish winner in the history of the race.

Although he had already been thinking of switching to driving cars, it was a knee injury which led him to try driving Rally cars for training and he soon realised that he had potential in the sport. He began competing in cars in Dakar in 2005, also with Repsol, where he took sixth place in the car category while driving a Mitsubishi Montero Evo MPR11, the best car in the field and winner of all the previous consecutive editions of Dakar since 2000. He got his best finish in this category in 2006 when he came in third in the classification. He kept participating in different trials and rallies with Repsol until 2011, and in 2014 he gained the longed-for victory in the Dakar Rally in the car category. Joan “Nani” Roma continues competing in this sport, now that he has sand in his veins.

2004 Dakar

Nani Roma in the 2004 Dakar Rally

Dakar 2007

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Lucas Cruz Senra amd Joan "Nani" Roma

Lucas Cruz Senra amd Joan