María Herrera

María Herrera

2012 - 2015 moto

María Herrera

Passionate about motorcycle racing

Born in Oropesa in 1996, this rider from Toledo got into the bike world thanks to her father, who passed on his love for bikes and speed to her.

She got on a 50cc dirt bike for the first time, and then signed up for Cuna de Campeones races. Over the years she has been climbing the ladder, participating in many competitions and categories, leaving her mark in the history books.

Australia 2018
CEV Aragón 2013

Her first victory at the CEV

This is my first time winning the CEV Repsol and it was quite difficult. I am well aware that without my sponsors and the support of the team, this would not have been possible, and from now on I’ll continue making strides and achieving my goals

María Herrera 26/05/2013
Working with Honda

Her beginnings

When I was six, my dad asked me if I wanted to sign up for a classifying race in Valencia. I placed fifth out of 200 children. That’s when I started taking it seriously

María Herrera
Qatar 2011

Her arrival at the Moto3 World Championship

The truth is that after so many years of hard work, reaching the World Championship is the realization of a rider’s dreams

María Herrera 2015

Wherever she goes, she makes an impression

Her precocious talent shown at the Cuna de Campeones was not overlooked by the organisers, who selected her and gave her a grant.

Fifth place in her first race was the prelude to the great results that were to come. María alternated those races with participation in the World Festival Metrakit, a race she won twice.

She was the runner-up in the Cuna de Campeones Pre GP 125cc in 2010, which opened the doors of the Monlau Competition team to her, a team with which she competed in the Mediterranean Speed Championship Pre Moto3 the next season. Of the contest’s six races, she won three and reached the podium for another two, becoming the champion in her first year. In 2012 she reached CEV, racing in Moto3 hand in hand with Repsol, and in 2013, María received a great deal of media attention for becoming the first woman to win a CEV race. After additional victories, participating in a few races in the Moto3 World Championship, and showing her great talent, her big year arrived.

2015 was the first full Moto3 World Championship season in which she received 9 points. After her arrival at the World Championship, she went to SBK and that is where she marked another historic achievement, being the first woman to receive points in three world championships: Moto3, Supersport 300, and Supersport.

Moto3 Jerez 2015

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Moto3 Barcelona 2015

María Herrera Moto3 Barcelona 2015

Moto3 Qatar 2015

María Herrera Moto3 Qatar 2015