Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez

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Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez, the invincible ant

26 years old, 8 World Championships behind him, and thousands of breath-taking laps.

Competitive and a fighter: there is nothing Marc Márquez cannot do with perseverance, sacrifice, team work, and a smile on his face.

In his eighth World Championship, Marc Márquez has struck the perfect balance between skill and emotion. Marc Márquez made it to level 8!

The Invincible Ant
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    8 World championships

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    + 80 Wins

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    + 100 Podiums

Márc Márquez in 2005, when he was a young boy

Surpassing his own dreams

I want to make it as far as possible. If I ever make it to a World Championship, well, that already seems like a stretch...

Marc Márquez 2005
Marc Márquez and Santi Hernández

Winning Combo

I learn more from Marc than he does from me

Santi Hernández - MM93 Team Leader
Marc Márquez, winner of the 2018 MotoGP World Championship

An advice

Trust your peers, your team, the people that stand beside you – they are the ones that will still be there when times get tough

Marc Márquez 2018

From ant to champion

In his first CEV races in 2005, he weighed so little that 21 kg had to be added to his bike so it reached the minimum required weight. In the 2008 World Championship, they had to add 16 kg to his 125cc. At the time, he was just a child, and had to steer a bike that weighed twice as much as he did. His team nicknamed him “the ant”, a tiny animal strong enough to lift 100 times its own weight.

At 17, he made it to his first World Championship in the 125cc category; at 19, the Moto2 World Championship, and when he was 20 he became the youngest rider to participate in a Top class World Championship. That was the same year he participated in MotoGP and managed to make it onto a whopping 16 podiums (6 of them wins), the largest number ever achieved by a rookie. He has 5 MotoGP World Championships under his belt, and is fighting to add a 6th.

His saves have been epic, and he’s managed to almost make our hearts stop more than once. The last time, in Sepang 2018, where he invented the "Double save".

Celebration with Santi Hernández

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Marc acting out one of his saves

Marc Márquez on a toy bike

Doing a wheelie on a Honda RC213V

French GP

Repsol Videos

"Face to face"

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