Luis Pérez Sala

Luis Pérez Sala

1992 - 1996 coche

Luis Pérez Sala

A life dedicated to speed

Luis Pérez Sala has spent his life with the pedal to the metal.

In go-karts, championships in Spain, Europe, and the world, F3 and F1, the Spanish Touring Car Championship, the Barcelona 24H race... More than 380 races run, including 46 victories, 9 of them with Repsol colours.

Luis Pérez Sala
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    2 Spanish Trial


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    46 Wins

    9 with Repsol

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    30 Podiums

    with Repsol

Luis Pérez Sala Jerez 1992

His influence on De la Rosa

Pedro and Luis are 15 years apart, but they are twins. As people, they are measured, serious, humble, and decidedly not ostentatious. They are two polite individuals who do not hurtle down the road in a Ferrari, a flashy watch on their wrists, surrounded by women. They are unpretentious. They are proper and honest men in a world of pirates

Manuel Gómez Blanco 2012
Albacete 1992

On one of his first losses

The bad times help you to grow and make you stronger so that you can overcome things little by little (...) You learn more from losing than from winning

Luis Pérez Sala 2018
Calafat 1992

With Repsol in the Spanish Touring Car Championship

F1, F3000 drivers (...) it was a great period in which everything was really competitive, the circuits were filled with people, races were broadcast on television...

Luis Pérez Sala 2018

A life dedicated to competition

He bought his first go-kart, a zero kilometre deal, when he was 16. He had already tried to make one with old parts from his brothers’ go-karts, but it was only able to be turned on.

He was a Formula 1 driver for two seasons at the end of the 80s. He paved the way for the greats to come like Pedro Martínez de la Rosa and Fernando Alonso...

In the 92 Nissan, he surprised everyone with his registration in the championship backed by Repsol. He did it in a sophisticated Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R that was never sold on the market in Spain. The team used Luis’s services to drive this vehicle that was already sweeping his home country. The results, despite the strict regulations, didn't take long to see, with a podium in his third race and later a promising victory. That year, Luis finished fourth in the competition, but the next year he was able to achieve the title, beating some of the best drivers at the time such as Jesús Pareja and Antonio Albacete in the effective Ford Escort Cosworth and BMW E30 M3.

In 1994 the regulations changed and he began to drive a 300 CV Nissan Primera GT and also had great results.

After he left Repsol, he participated in other competitions such as the Barcelona 24H race, the Spanish GTB Cup, and the Spanish GT Championship where he was the runner-up in 2008, the year he decided to retire.

After a brief return to F1, this time as a team director, he now puts all of his effort and knowledge into training and advising the champions of tomorrow, having also worked as a technical analyst for a number of media outlets, all related to the auto sector.

Catalunya 1992

Luis Pérez Sala on the Catalunya circuit in 1992

Winner on the Catalunya circuit in 1992

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Estoril Circuit 1995

Estoril Circuit 1995

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