Honda RC211V

Honda RC211V

2002 - 2006 moto

Specification Sheet

  • V 5   4 t
  • 990 cc
  • + 240 hp
Honda RC211V

An engine designed for a new era

With the arrival of 4 strokes, Honda decided to design an engine that would make history.

The new regulations mandated four-stroke engines. Honda built a V5 engine, the first in the history of the competition, and, by using the "Big Bang” configuration, the increasingly refined electronics made history. From 2002 to 2006, the RC211Vs were ridden by Valentino Rossi, Tohru Ukawa, Álex Barros, Max Biaggi, Nicky Hayden, and Dani Pedrosa.

Valentino Rossi riding a Honda RC211V
  • copa

    3 World Titles

  • copa

    26 Wins

  • copa

    76 Podiums

Outside the track

In February 2002, Spain finally said farewell to pesetas.

The following year we saw the last flight of an aviation icon and a few days later Hayden won the 2006 world championship, Sony launched the Playstation3.


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Last flight of the Concorde

A Concorde

Launch of PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

Repsol News

Honda RC211V: the dawn of a new era

Its engine featured the most leading-edge technology of the time. We explain how it changed over time.