Repsol Anniversary


A story stacked with success

1969 - 2019 moto

Repsol's 50th Anniversary

Sport sponsorship pioneers

We went over half a century of Repsol support in the world of motorcycling with special content that we will slowly unveil throughout the coming months.

From Ángel Nieto’s legendary victories, to Marc Márquez’s last world championships, and let’s not forget to make a quick stop to review Carlos Sainz’s wins. Repsol placed its bet on the world of competitive motorcycling 25 years ago, and doubled-down with the alliance and creation of the Repsol Honda Team.

Ángel Nieto and Marc Márquez
Carlos Sainz competing
Repsol Bikes

50 cards for 50 years

These are the images that mark all these years of sport sponsorship. The most charismatic riders, the most important victories, the events which have left their mark... A gallery of photos that tell the graphic summary of Repsol’s support in the world of motorcycling and that have also become a part of the history of competitive motorcycling itself

Working with Honda

Fans: Our biggest treasure

Throughout these last 50 years, we have witnessed how the passion for our colours has been passed down from one generation to the next. Fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters have inherited the Repsol values and those of their athletes – which is why fans take centre-stage in our celebration!

The importance of a good rider

Pelousse Map: corners of the world

Repsol’s sponsorship has crossed national boundaries. There isn’t a spot on this Earth where our riders, and our teams for the different disciplines are not greeted with warm welcomes from our fans. Wherever you are reading this from – whether Spain or Australia – we appreciate your loyal support.