Derbi Twin 125CC

Derbi Twin 125cc

1971 - 1972 moto

Specification Sheet

  • 40 hp
  • 15500 rpm
  • 230 km/h
  • 100 kg
Derbi Twin 125CC

Derbi Twin 125CC

It all started out in 1971.

Repsol makes its debut at the Motorcycling World Championship on a Derbi steered by Ángel Nieto, and wins a title in the 125cc category.

Ángel Nieto riding the Derbi Twin 125 cc motorcycle
Mick Doohan, five-time 500cc World Champion
  • copa

    10 Wins

  • copa

    11 Fastest laps

  • copa

    2 World Titles

"Derbi has always been my brand, the brand of my first five world championships, when I started sweeping away with everything".

Ángel Nieto
Video compilation of Ángel Nieto's best moments

Outside the track

In the early 70s, the Derbi Antorcha was the bike of the people, we played hopscotch and miniskirts started being seen on the streets.

The first time that man drove on the moon was in 1971, with the Lunar Rover.

Floppy disks, VHS, BETAMAX, pocket calculators... they marked the beginning of what many call the third technological revolution.

Derbi Antorcha

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In 1971, man drove on the moon

Lunar Rover

The start of the third technological revolution

Technological revolution